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Exceptional aerodynamics and performance for all riding styles, with easy handling that will give you maximum water time in any condition.

performance features

  • One strut performance freeride wing
  • Suitable for all riding levels and disciplines
  • Rigid frame geometry for direct handling and direct power
  • Lightweight with very neutral drift and easy depower
  • CS Wing Bar for intuitive hand positioning and easy handling
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Size 6m


The new WFS echoes the excitement for this new sport and takes beginners through to experts with its unique versatility suited to all riding styles and levels. Aerodynamically engineered for efficiency, the well balanced V-shape of the wing ensures the tips won’t touch the water nor drag you down.

New for V2 is the addition of the CS Wing bar, the perfect cockpit for a comfortable and direct ride. The intuitive hand position will now limit fatigue and extend your session time. The bar also offers greater stability and better power control for foiling in all conditions.


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  • Low Aspect Rario with single middle strut
  • Deep profile for maximum power development
  • V-shape to keep the wing tips out of the water and further drift stability
  • Large central Leading Edge diameter for stiffness and power
  • XT Fabric for rigidity and durability
  • Single inflation system
  • Short and light integrated handle bar for versatile grip options
  • LE handle for one handed surf/downwind control
  • Direct handling with efficient power delivery and stability in all conditions
  • Intuitive hand positioning and easy handling
  • CS wingbar in 2 sizes – 3 and 4m =90cm / 5 and 6m = 100cm

E/8 Trusted Quality

Eleveight wings are built with innovative and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the wing light and agile.

1 . Teijin TechnoForce™ - X4 Ripstop canopy

The superior X4 Ripstop canopy is strong and tear resistant. It is made by Teijin Techno Force™ in Japan and guarantees lasting performance.

2. Double Bond Canopy

To ensure your wing can take a beating, every seam is glued and stitched for maximum durability.

3. Quick Flow

The large diameter of the valve and strut connectors ensures easy and fast inflation and deflation of your wing.

4. German made PU Bladder Material

German Made PU Bladders

The lightest and most durable bladder material on the market. Quality made in Germany.

5. Load dynamic super seam

A triple reinforced closing seam along the leading edge makes it practically indestructible.

6. Two Window Panels

Strong and transparent PVC material it ensure best visibility.

7. Leash attachement

All our wings are delivered with a coiled hand leash.

8. Leading Edge Guards

Additional leading edge TPU reinforcements for further wear and tear protection.

9. Wing bar

Light and stiff composite wing bar with two integrated attachment points on the middle strut.


“The remarkably light and efficient design minimizes strain on the arms so that you can ride this wing for hours.”