Welcome to 2019 Eleveight product range.

June, 30 2018

We are proud to present a product lineup that reflects the highest standards of performance, quality and functionality in today’s market.

The first year of Eleveight has been extremely exciting. The positive feedback from the kite community has been overwhelming. Eleveight’s slogan, “Our Passion is Yours” has been proven true, as we received a lot of passion, dedication and experience back from our customers and partners. To see that our shared visionand values have met the demands of our industry is highly rewarding. A year later, we can truly say that Eleveight is a global brand.

This trust and positive response, combined with proximity and constant communication with ourpartners , has been a great motivation for our 2019 product development and operations.

Here we are. The 2019 Eleveight products are now ready with many exciting innovations in raw materials, construction technology and product designs.

Our focus is on simple perfection in everything we do.


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