August, 17 2017

Today we are proud to introduce the first Eleveight line-up. Over the last year we developed the identity that has been inside of us for over a decade. Being professionally involved in the Industry since its beginning, we know that our sense for passion, professional dedication, quality and innovation is the base for the right fundamentals.

Kiteboarding evolved and changed over the years to become a mature sport. We have lived and breathed watersports for many years. Eleveight combines the roots of pure watersport spirit with the expression and style of modern time. Our focus is on simple perfection in everything we do.

Eleveight is offering high-end products, in our range of four state-of-the-art Kites, an innovative Quick Release and Bar System, high-performance custom Surfboards and perfectly balanced Twin Tips.

We are approachable for everyone and provide our service in straightforward manner. We believe in dedicated knowledgeable retail partners. Eleveight products are distributed via a global network of professional retailers, with focus to provide an excellent service.

Most of all though we believe in you, and we share your passion for the freedom and self-expression that comes from the time we spend on the water.

Our passion is yours – Team Eleveight

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