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The delta hybrid design of the brand new ExtremeSeries kite allows riders to break the boundaries of big air. Its extreme boost amazes even obsessive adrenalin addicts.

performance features

  • Five-strut delta hybrid design for adrenalin addicts and boosting freaks
  • Extreme big air kite with an explosive lift and long hang time
  • Massive grunt in all wind conditions for freeride versatility
  • Ultra-sturdy construction for maximum stability and longevity
  • Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics
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Our latest addition to our kite range, the XSeries, was created for the needs of adrenalin addicts seeking a kite to break the boundaries of big air. The XS has a sophisticated delta hybrid design with a high aspect ratio, featuring a massive angle-of-attack. This design is as grunty as it gets, delivering raw power, skyrocketing riders into unknown spheres. We embedded it in our range right between the FS and RS. It is more of a big air kite than the FS, and more aggressive than the RS. This kite is a tool for hardcore riders that mainly want to fly. Due to the long hang time, it is perfect for old school hooked-in tricks. Hence we paid attention to ensure easy upwind travel so that the riders can focus on flying back downwind. As it is intuitive to steer and extremely responsive, the timing of takeoffs is a breeze. Commit pulling your backhand, sheet in, pop, and you are catapulted into the sky, leaving the crowd in shock. In megaloops, it develops a staggering forward momentum that will leave you ecstatic for days. It is Arthur Guillebert’s weapon of choice to chase storms. Add this kite to your quiver to break your personal best in big air.

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  • Fast turn
  • Wingtip to pivot turner
  • Constant pulling turn

The XS comes with rapid turning characteristics that produce sheer infinite power. It instantly reacts to steering impulses. Hence the timing of jumps comes naturally. Everything about the steering is fine-tuned for massive big airs.

  • High AR
  • Great upwind performance
  • Constant power

The XS comes with a high aspect ratio that provides constant power in all conditions, even light wind. It also enhances the hangtime and upwind performance.

  • Medium sweep
  • Grunty power
  • Long hangtime

Medium swept wingtips add to the astonishingly long hangtime of the XS. Sheet-in and you will have loads of grunty power to set up your next boost.

E/8 Trusted Quality

Eleveight kites are built with innovative and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the kite light and agile.

1 . Teijin TechnoForce™ - X4 Ripstop canopy

The superior X4 Ripstop canopy is strong and tear resistant. It is made by Teijin Techno Force™ in Japan and guarantees lasting performance.

2. Double Bond Canopy

To ensure your kite can take a beating, every seam is glued and stitched for maximum durability.

3. Quick Flow

The large diameter of the valve and strut connectors ensures easy and fast inflation and deflation of your kite.

4. Strut Force Distribution

Double strut head reinforcement for a solid and robust kite frame.

5. Short Bridle

The short bridle setup with only one wingtip pulley enhances the kite’s agility and the direct bar feeling while reducing the risk of catching the wingtip.

6. 3D Bridle Deflector

Redesigned 3D bridle deflector with structural reinforcement covering the closing seam, decreasing the possibility of bridle wraps.

7. Canopy Guards

Strategically placed Extreme Tenacity canopy reinforcements to eliminate canopy wear and tear including pinholes caused by the valves.

8. German made PU Bladder Material

The lightest and most durable bladder material on the market. Quality made in Germany.

9. Safe Connect

Our kook proof front- and backline connection points eliminate any mistake when rigging the kite.

10. Easy Trim

Trim the kite’s flying behavior to suit your needs. Simply switch between backline trim options with the pull-to-pull tags.

11. Load dynamic super seam

A triple reinforced closing seam along the leading edge makes it practically indestructible. The center segments have a stronger reinforcement as the material load is much higher, compared to the wingtips with their smaller diameter.

12. Ultra-Light Load Diffuser

The trailing edge diffuses the load and strain on the canopy while reducing flutter, highly increasing stability as well as longevity.

13. Turning Trim Setting

Trim the kite according to your riding style and wind conditions by switching between different bridle line turning settings. 


” The XS is the modern interpretation of a high-performance old school kite, fine-tuned for extreme big airs. “


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