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The go-to Hydrofoil for kite foilers or experienced wing foilers looking for manoeuvrability and a fun crossover freeride feel.

performance features

  • Highly versatile crossover freeride foil
  • Carbon front and back wings for outstanding performance
  • Early Lift, easy glide and incredible stability
  • 90 cm mast for the maximum carving ability
  • Quick-Connect-Technology and includes a travel bag
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We developed our new precision HXS Hydrofoil Series to crossover riding styles for full freeride performance. The 950 is the ideal size for kite foiling, or once you get more experienced with a Wing and seek its exceptional carving ability and speed.

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  • Anodized aero grade alloy construction
  • Optimal ratio between strength and weight
  • Size: 90cm
  • Light carbon composite construction
  • Medium to high aspect wing for easy lift and glide
  • Projected surface area: 950 cm2
  • Wingspan: 81cm
  • Light carbon composite construction
  • Versatile with great overall directional stability
  • EPS Core for ultra light and rigid construction
  • Projected surface Area: 270 cm2
  • Wingspam: 42 cm
  • CNC precision cut anodised alloy
  • Strong and fast attachment system
  • 316 Marine grade stainless steel hardware
  • CNC shaped 6061 aircraft grade aluminium fuselage
  • Extreme rigid wing connection for stable and dynamic riding
  • Adjustable mast position on the fuselage
  • Length: 58cm

E/8 Trusted Quality

Eleveight’s foil design is based on the latest in hydrodynamic science. Precise manufacturing of premium materials results in a foil that effortlessly cuts through the water while generating outstanding lift. 

1 . Marine grade stainless steel hardware

We use 316 Marine grade stainless steel to ensure a strong connection between all foil components and between board and mast, that is also durable thanks to its resistance to corrosive saltwater.

2. Torx screws

All screws come with Torx heads in order to sustain the screws longer.

3. Anodized aero grade alloy

We use an anodized aero grade alloy to provide a lighter, corrosive-resistant construction that is also durable.

4. Carbon Composite Construction

Front and back wing are made with a ultra light EPS core covered with high quality BIAX Carbon to ensure a light and stiff construction.

5. Interchangable

Wings and fuselages are interchangeable for upgrades and different performance set ups.

6. Quick connect

Our quick and firm attachment system allows you to swap or reposition your foil within seconds.

7. Bag

Foilbag for safe transport and easy storage.


” The HXS 950 is designed with accessible performance and a focus on dynamic carving. The wing’s construction is well balanced, and we paid special attention to its durability. “

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Take a look at our foilfinder and we help you to find the exact foil that fits your needs.

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