The Master V2 C+ is crammed with innovative features and superior materials like the full layer of Spread Tow Carbon, making it our lightest and most performant freeride to freestyle crossover twintip.

performance features

  • Super lightweight high-performance freeride to freestyle twin tip
  • Spread Tow Carbon lamination for a precise and responsive ride
  • Innovative parabolic rails for better rail grip and upwind ability
  • Varying beveled rails optimize flex, speed, and pop
  • Multi-stage rocker for better pop and smooth landings
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The Master V2 C+ is the lightest and most performant freeride to freestyle crossover twin tip in our line up. It is the ultimate weapon of choice of dedicated wind addicts seeking a board to outperform anything and anyone. Its disruptive nature allows the rider to shatter any limit, boost higher, and pop harder than ever before. The newly designed precision-milled 3D core, made of a rare low-density Paulownia wood, is entirely coated with high-tech carbon-fiber. We use superior Spread Tow Carbon, a fabric made with a unique weaving technique to get the most performance out of the carbon fibers, both in stretch and compression. The carbon layer creates an exceptional flex, enhancing the riding experience. The Master C+ can hold the edge longer and with more ease, allowing the rider to load up the board for huge jumps and a more powerful radical pop. In landings, the flex cushions the impact.

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Rider Weight
136 139
41 42
<80kg +80kg
G10 fins – 45mm G10 fins – 45mm
2.4kg 2.5kg

*Weight tolerance +/- 5%

**Board delivered with fins only

  • Multi Stage Rocker
  • Increased grip and pop
  • Great upwind performance and early planing

The Master C+ comes with an elaborate multi stage rocker, optimized for radical pops and plenty of grip. Still, it planes early and provides an excellent upwind performance.

  • Medium flex through center and tips
  • Optimized flex patterns for each size
  • Eats the chop
  • Harder reverse flex and reduced torsional flex

The Master C+’s unique flex pattern with medium stiffness is made for radical performance. It absorbs chop, supports your pop, and features a hard reverse flex with reduced torsional flex for landing advanced maneuvers.

  • Elliptic outline with rounded tips
  • Great carving ability
  • Beveled rails optimizing flex pattern
  • Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) for more grip upwind abilities

The innovative outline of the Master C+ features rounded tips for better carving. Beveled rails define softer and stiffer zones on the board, greatly enhancing the pop and overall performance. Our innovative rails improve grip, upwind travel, and also redirect spray away from the rider.

  • Double concave with rail steps
  • Deep tip channels for more pop
  • Rail steps for more grip and upwind ability

The bottom shape of the Master C+ is all about grip and control. Deep channels on the tip, as well as a double concave direct the water flow for enhanced performance. Rail steps add control and upwind performance.

E/8 Trusted Quality

Eleveight boards are build with dedication, experience and highest quality materials. Each board is shaped to perfection for highest performance and lasting durability. All boards are made in Europe.

1 . CNC milled A-grade Paulownia wood core

Light, durable and flexible wood core for dynamic performance.

2. Heavy duty block plywood inserts

Heavy duty block plywood inserts that allow you do choose between straps and boots. Inserts don’t get stronger than this.

3. UV resistant polyamide base

Abrasion resistance base for more durability.

4. Aerospace grade spread tow carbon lamination

Ultra lightweight (STF) carbon fabric with optimal higher fiber-to-resin volume ratio for outstanding smooth performance.

5. PRS Rails

Our innovative Parabolic Rail Shape highly enhances the grip as well as the upwind performance of your board. Furthermore, it redirects spray away from the rider, for a clear vision in any situation.

6. G10 fins

High quality 45mm epoxy fins deliver the stiffness you need to always stay in control.

7. Glossy UV resistant top deck

Protective lacquer finish for vibrant colours and long lasting good look

8. Beveled rails

By strategically bevelling the rails, we enhance the flex pattern, multiplying the board’s performance, especially when popping.


“Master C+ is an insane board of superior excellency. It delivers unchallenged performance for all riding styles.”

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