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Pair your foil wing with the Carvair board, and you will have a magic carpet that is easy to master so that you can fly over water and perform the smoothest carves.

performance features

  • Freeride foil board for various riding styles
  • Low volume for easy and secure handling
  • Carbon composite performance construction for improved control
  • 4 x 4 track mount system for adjustable foil positioning
  • Board has inserts and comes with custom grip pad
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The Carvair is the ultimate control station for our HXS 950 hydrofoil wing. This board is shaped to stand out in freeride foiling. Its low volume simplifies the overall handling, hence progressing riders will easily score successes while advanced riders master the hardest tricks. We put special emphasis on the carving characteristics and designed an innovative rail that prevents catching water in tight turns. The Carvair’s ultra-durable carbon composite construction delivers direct feedback to you so you will always know how to shift and distribute your weight for the right steering impulses.

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Dimension “
Dimension cm
Rider Weight
Fin Box
delivered with
4.3 x 17 3/4″ 4.0 x 17 3/4″
130 x 45cm 122 x 45cm
15 Ltr 12 Ltr
65+ kg 50+ kg
Track mount Track mount
Full Pad Full Pad
3.2kg 3.0kg

*board only / Weight tolerance +/- 5%


  • Substantial nose rocker for easy control in take off and touch down situations
  • Flat tail rocker for more surface area and early planing
  • Unidirectional carbon construction for zero flex and direct board feedback
  • V channel construction for perfect transfer of lift and torsion control
  • 4 x 4 track mount system with adjustable foil positioning
  • Chamfer rail design for less water catch when carving
  • ABS rails construction for enhanced durability
  • Low volume rails for easy handling

E/8 Trusted Quality

Our foil boards are magic carpets, made to fly. In order to make this magic happen, we source superior materials and shape them in a progressive manufacturing process.

1. CNC milled A-grade Paulownia wood core

The Paulownia wood core delivers stiff and responsive board feedback and comes with outstanding longevity.

2. Full deck pad made of EVA

Kite-specific high-density EVA foam ensures a slip-proof grip and high riding comfort.

3. ABS rails

The sturdy box rails optimize the deck’s stiffness and low rail profile. Furthermore, they protect the board from wear and tear.

4. Biaxial and UD Carbon

The feather-light biaxial and unidirectional carbon, angled at 0° and 45°, creates the board’s stiff flex pattern that ensures direct board feedback.

5. Heavy-duty inserts

Reinforced boxes with inserts allow different strap set-ups. They are made to withstand hard crashes.

6. UV and abrasion resistant bottom sheet

For the highest performance and longevity, we installed an abrasion resistant base that also withstands the harsh combination of UV light and saltwater.

7. 4 x 4 track mount system

The smart 4 x 4 mounting system creates a secure connection between mast and board. It also allows adjusting the position of the foil to personal preferences.

8. Ergonomically designed foot straps

Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to adjust – our ergonomic foot straps provide a sure footing without compromise. The straps are not included in our delivery and have to be ordered separately.


“The Carvair was designed as an all-round board with a very durable construction that helps the riders to progress in foiling. “