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The foil board Carvair Pro combines built quality, material technology, and functional design to deliver leading freeride characteristics.

performance features

  • Hand shaped performance freeride foil board
  • Ultra-durable Biax Carbon composite construction
  • Optimized volume for ease of use and performance
  • 2 x 4 Track mount system for adjustable foil positioning
  • Board has inserts and comes with custom grip pad
technical details



Start flying with our ultimate performance foil board, the Carvair Pro. Hand shaped in Portugal, this versatile freeride plank is pushing the limits of built quality, material technology, and functional design. We shaped the playful but stable pro edition of the Carvair with just the right amount of volume to suit the style of advanced riders. By adding more of our extra-dense foam core to the nose area, we prevent nose-dives, which is crucial to send complicated tricks.
The outstanding construction comes to life in Portugal and features a unique Biax Carbon lamination that is not only extremely long-lasting but also creates a particular stiffness. The board feedback is unparalleled and remarkably helpful in technical maneuvers. While this board is great for newcomers, it truly shines below the feet of seasoned riders. It can be whipped around like a surfboard, or by applying slight pressure with the toes or heels, initiate a smooth carve that is out of this world.

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Dimension “
Dimension cm
Rider Weight
Fin Box
delivered with
3.9 x 18 x 2 1/16″
114 x 46 x 5.5cm
21.2 Ltr
55+ kg
US Box
Full Pad

*board only / Weight tolerance +/- 5%

  • Substantial nose rocker and surface area or easy control in all touch down situations
  • Straight rocker line with a wide tail for optimal volume distribution
  • Carbon stringer plus extra BIAX fiberclass zero flex and direct board feedback
  • 2 x 4 track mount system with 90mm lateral spacing
  • Carbon reinforced mount system for extra durability
  • Sharp beveled rail profile for smooth riding
  • Double layer BIAX glass for best durability

E/8 Trusted Quality

Our foil boards are magic carpets, made to fly. In order to make this magic happen, we source superior materials and shape them in a progressive manufacturing process.

1. Medium density PU foam

Our Polyurethane Blank (PU) foam is not only strong but also super light – it ensures optimal board feel and creates the perfect buoyancy.

2. Carbon Flex Technology (CFT)

The CFT construction combines the highest quality materials for the perfect mix of control, comfort and board feedback. The integrated carbon stringer enhances the board’s stiffness and durability.

3. Surfboard Block inserts

Reinforced boxes with inserts allow different strap set-ups.

4. Inegra/Carbon Vector Grid tail

The boards tail is often victim to abuse or even unwanted contact with beaches or rock. To increasae its durability we strengthened it with our Inegra/Carbon Vector Grid.

5. Reinforced US Box

The board comes with the proven US Boxes, which we integrated using extra-strong PVC foam and an extra patch of carbon for longevity.

6. Handshaped

After the CNC machine provides the perfect blank, Portugal’s most experienced shapers take over. With an eye for detail they shape and glass each board to perfection.

7. Full deck pad made of EVA

Kite-specific high-density EVA foam ensures a slip-proof grip and high riding comfort.

8. UV Resistant ECO resign

New UV resistant resign for long lasting white appearance.


“Collaborating with veteran shapers and experimenting with different materials, we came up with a flawlessly balanced board that combines playfulness and stability. “